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Oct 11, 2012 6:00pm EDT
task force to jordan to help respond to the ongoing violence in syria. "the new york times" reports a contingent of more than 150 planners and other specialists is tasked with helping jordanian forces handle incoming syrian refugees, prepare for syria's potential loss of control over its chemical weapons, and respond should the turmoil in syria spread more widely throughout the middle east. the mission also reportedly has discussed contingency plans to insulate jordan from the conflict, with talks of a u.s.- backed buffer zone along the syria-toward a murdeborder. the u.s. military presence in jordan comes just as the jordanian monarchy is facing its largest protests since the start of the arab spring. thousands of jordanians marched in the capital demanding economic opportunities and democratic reforms. turkey forced a syrian passenger airplane to land in and confiscated its cargo is tensions between the two countries continue to rise. the airplane was traveling from moscow to the syrian city of damascus, and there were unconfirmed reports military supplies including weapons parts we
Oct 1, 2012 8:00am PDT
spread germs by putting it in our mouth, too. i didn't put it in my mouth. jordan, this is too close to your eye, and that's not a choice. we can help by being consistent with our children in words and deeds. children appreciate knowing just what the rules are at home or in the classroom. that way, they know where they stand and what will happen if they cross the line. woman: remember, we must keep our glasses on to protect our eyes. woman, voice-over: we teach limits by example. woman: miss hammill will put it on very easy. just for it to protect your eyes, so you won't hit your eyes with the hammer or the nails pop in your eyes, o.k.? woman, voice-over: there's no running in the classroom. the limit for that is safety reasons. it's safer to walk in the classroom. if you're running around a table and you hit the chair, you're gonna get hurt. if you walk around the table, you have a better chance of not hitting that chair, and when they understand that limit in the health perspective, it's better-- they can more readily understand why that's a rule. woman: let go of her dress. it is
Oct 12, 2012 6:00pm EDT
forces which has displaced an estimated 300,000 syrians, sending them fleeing into turkey, jordan, iraq, and other countries. on thursday, syrian refugee described the conditions at one camp in a rebel controlled area near the turkish border. >> we're living in very difficult conditions. we are witnessing a lot of sorrow garbage is throwing -- is thrown everywhere. there are over 500 families here. words cannot express the hardship we live in. i challenge anyone to live here for even two hours. >> the leader of the lebanese militant group hezbollah has admitted to launching an iranian-made drone over israel in a rare incursion into israel's carefully controlled airspace. the unmanned drone was shot down by israel which regularly sends its own fighter planes over lebanon. u.s. drone strikes killed of the 16 people in northwestern pakistan thursday and wounded a dozen others. anonymous officials said the targets were militants at a compound. the u.s. border patrol agent opened fire on people throwing rocks from the mexican side of the border, apparently killing a teenage boy. 16-yea
Oct 15, 2012 8:00am PDT
people-- both teachers and children. can you see a rainbow, too, jordan? the lights are rainbows. the lights turn into rainbows. that's right. you made a rainbow using your prism. you try it. ok. i'll try it. hendrick: you'll be surprised how many new ideas and approaches can come from these discussions. i do see a rainbow. it's very pretty. in and out of the classroom, we should look for ways to provide multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and other community experiences for our children. woman: and you know what? we're going to have a very special visit today from linda from in the butterfly room. did you know that linda is chinese? she's going to come over. she's going to cook with us today. yeah. we need to put it on the foil. hendrick: we've learned that the more variety of experiences children have in their lives, the wider the range is of creative expression. the more personal experiences our children have with people and situations outside of their own environment, the more material our children can draw on to incorporate in their play. and the father said, "it's dinnertime! it'
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4